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Building Your Online Presence

Building your brand online can be a little tricky, and very time consuming. The learning curve is never-ending, as changes in search engine strategies and tactics with companies like Google are never-ending.

TRC understands the commitment it takes to get and to stay visible to a targeted audience. Our brand optimization packages include some basic and some not-so-basic services that are bundled together for both performance and budget.

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PLEASE NOTE: Our telephone number has changed since the video was produced.
The new number is Toll Free:   1 (877) 788-0099

Where To Begin…

Full Service (DFY) –  TRC is is a full service agency, starting with analysis, consulting, and reporting. We provide software, website, and mobile app development, web hosting and domain name provisioning, strategic online business planning, marketing, and advertising – and we help you to understand and manage all of that with ease. Whether you are looking for a professional agency for website development, or to perform other critical online services for you, TalkRite Communications will help you reach your goals on time and on budget.

TRC’s “done for you” offerings typically begin with some analysis work. In order for us to make proper recommendations to you, we need to understand what your current online presence looks like. We have the tools to take an in-depth look at that, and to evaluate it. Next we consult with you to review that data together, and to better understand what you want to accomplish. Our consultation package is valued at over $1,000.00, but we often will give it away, as it provides you with the professional approach to many essential aspects of online business development. Call us to learn more.

Self Service (DIY) – Perhaps you need to do some things yourself. You may be looking for the platforms and elements needed to accomplish your goals, but you prefer to do some things on your own. TalkRite Communications delivers critical tools and software, or can perform the services necessary for you to implement on your own – a la carte.

TRC’s “do it yourself” offerings help you [our clients] gain access to tools and education, and often at a cost savings. This part of our program even helps our competitors – we welcome developers and designers, consultants, and marketers to expand their knowledge and we encourage them to share with others. By taking a leadership role, Talkrite Communications raises the bar for industry excellence.

The “DIY For Marketers” menu item at the top of the page will take you to the offerings we are currently promoting. Some of them also provide income opportunities for marketers who would like to promote them. There are many new software launches just this year alone.

Either Way – The Internet offers powerful ways to be seen and heard. Developing an online presence is no longer about building a website alone, or is it about building and directing targeted traffic. It is about communicating with your audience. It is about understanding the psychology as well as the needs of those that come, and developing a relationship with them. This takes strategies that serve both visitors and business goals better. TRC does better.

TalkRite Communications provides strategic online business development services that work.

Three Core Full Service Groups

Group #1: Website & Software Development

Website Design


Website Development

Mobile Platforms


Mobile Development Services

Video Production


Video Production & Optimization

Software Design


Software Development

Group #2: Analysis, Consultation & Optimization

Analysis & Consult


Web Analysis & Consultation

Directories Listing


Directory Listings & Monthly Reporting

Brand Optimize


Online Brand Optimization (Advanced SEO)

Reputation Mgmt.


Reputation Management

Group #3: Brand Building & Awareness (your public image)



Copywriting & Publishing

Social Media


Social Media Marketing

Online Mktg


Online Marketing

Adv & Promo


Advertising & Promotional Services


Safe & Secure


turn around


Overall Value

TRC Professional Practice

You can easily build and secure your online presence with highly qualified and experienced professionals at TRC.

TalkRite Communications provides you with specialized experts who have worked with countless organizations to help them refine their online presence and reach a wider audience. TRC professionals know what works and what doesn’t. More importantly, they are committed to providing excellent service and transparent communication all along the way.

When you choose TalkRite Communications, you choose a company that you can trust with your brand. One that understands how integral your website, digital and other promotional marketing elements are to your business.

TRC works tirelessly to ensure strategies are comprehensive and well defined, as well as understood and implemented. Because TRC provides ongoing consultative and collaborative interaction, you are always up to speed and in control.

Apply For Your FREE $1,000 Consultation Today!

TRC $1,000 Consultation

The TRC $1,000 professional consultation – is worth every penny, but in many cases, we simply give it away, or we can absorb a large portion of it. Prospective clients must qualify to receive this as a gift, simply because there is such a high cost to us in providing this level of service.

The reports are detailed and concise. A TRC business consultant reviews this report with you, face to face, on a live video conference.

More precisely, we discuss your internet footprint and how that lines up with your vision. Then we talk about concerns resulting from the report and your priorities regarding any changes you wish to make.

Finally, we produce a strategic plan that helps you to achieve these goals, and what you can expect to pay per line item. This creates a strategy of understanding priorities and budgeting for them, outlining exactly what gets done and when it gets done.

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Extraordinary TRC Brands In Development

We Understand…

At TalkRite Communications, we not only build sites for our clients, but we are also developing some of our own brands that provide solutions for those who choose to perform some or all of the many tasks required to build their own online presence.

Devin Thayer and his team are working hard on a brand new advertising portal, Ad Fortress.  HostingPDQ provides hosting services, NamesClaim provides domain names, and so much more!

Because TRC understands the various aspects of a great web presence, those who wish to “do things themselves” will enjoy expanding and growing their business so much more with the resources made available at TRC.

TRC is all about creating sites that work perfectly, that look beautiful, and that thrive on Google. Whether you use our online resources to do it yourself, or you use our professional services to do it for you, welcome aboard!

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